Getting Naked

“You think you’ve seen her naked because you took her clothes off? Tell me about her dreams. Tell me what breaks her heart. What is she passionate about, and what makes her cry? Tell me about her childhood. Better yet, tell me one story about her that you’re not in.

You’ve seen her skin, and you’ve touched her body but you still know as much about her as a book you once found, but never got around to opening.” – Anonymous

I struggled with what to write about first so I decided just to stick with what I know,

At least what I know thus far.

My name is Cami Broughton.

I am 18 years old.

My favorite color is pink.

But my preferred color is black.

My dream is to become a Journalist.

With a concentration in what?

This is to be determined.

My favorite food is spaghetti.

My favorite movie is “Titanic”

Conspiracy theories fascinate me.

I’m beyond passionate about fashion

&I love make up

This may seem somewhat superficial

But I have always been a firm believer of

“When you look good, you feel good.”

&I am a strong advocate of loving everything about oneself

Even the things one might not necessarily like.

I love coffee and indie pop music when I wake up in the morning.

&I love classical music when I drink tea at night.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 16.

My right eye became blurry on a Wednesday morning in October of 2014

My sight in that eye was gone the following Saturday

I went to the emergency room that Sunday

Where I stayed for a week

I was diagnosed on a Thursday

After a series of tests were run on my brain and my spine

I now have to inject myself with a shot of Copaxone

3 times a week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Every week

For the rest of my life

On the plus side, my eye sight returned about a month after I was diagnosed

So that was pretty nice.

I was really ashamed of my disease for a long time

But it is a small part of me

Not the whole package

&I refuse to allow it to define me.

I’ve spent a good majority of my life looking at the glass half empty

But I am trying to start looking at it half full.

I believe in equal rights

For everyone

The LGBT&Q community

The African-Americans

The Hispanics

The Asians

The Caucasians

The Women


I am a home body

An introvert

With extrovert qualities once I get to know someone.

I love books.

I want to create a private library out of a room in my home one day.

I have been called an old soul.

I don’t like parties

I got all of that out of my system at a very young age

My mom was incarcerated for some minor stuff that added up quick

So I went without her

From the time I was 12 to 3 months shy of turning 14

&My alleged father has been out of the picture since I was 2

That was a really rough time for me

I turned to self harm

I went to therapy

I was depressed

I was angry

I was confused

I hung out with people beyond my age group

I lost my virginity at a young age

I found ways to be sneaky

I got drunk for the first time at 13

I got high for the first time at 13

I lied

I stole

I sought out the attention of any man who would give it to me

I think I just wanted to feel loved and accepted

Even if it was only for a night

&That’s why I did what I did

But I got all of that stuff out of my system by 15

I just had no more interest in it

I don’t fault those of my peers that enjoy that stuff now

They’ve got to experience things and learn too.

I think that is probably why it’s challenging for me to make friends though.

I’ve never been on the same level with people my age.

It’s easier now because I know where they are

But back in middle school when I was doing this stuff

None of them understood where I was.

I do not write these things about me for attention

I do not explain myself because I think I need to

I just want to exposed myself

To be blunt

To be free

To be out in the open

I’m not ashamed of where I’ve been

I’m not ashamed of where I am

I’m not ashamed of where I might end up either

I just want to be mentally and emotionally naked

So that people might understand where I come from with my opinions

So that people might understand where I come from with my beliefs

&So that maybe they’ll want to be naked with me too.


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